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BNR ST71 Bolt-On Turbo Kit Ford Focus ST 2013-2018

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The 3071 G2 is intended for cars with built engines and auxiliary fuel systems!  This turbo is good for up to around 500 WHP.   This upgrade takes a little longer to spool over the 2867 but nets around 100 more peak HP.  If you anticipate aux fuel system and/or a forged internal engine this turbo would be the best option!

This is what you get when you purchase the FOST BNR3071!

  • BNR 3071 G2 Center Housing Rotating Assembly (VSR balanced)
  • BNR T04B Compressor housing with a 2 bolt inlet (.60 a/r)
  • BNR 10cm (.72 a/r) exhaust housing
  • 27mm Internal wastegate with heavy duty swing valve assembly
  • Adjustable internal wastegate with stainless mounting bracket (14 psi crack pressure)
  • BNR Cast iron turbine inlet adapter
  • BNR Cast iron Turbine outlet adapter
  • Multi-layer turbine inlet and outlet gaskets (for the BNR housing)
  • 2 bolt aluminum compressor inlet adapter with O ring

Hardware included:

  • 8 M10 1.5 stainless studs
  • 8 M10 1.5 Stainless nuts
  • 8 M10 2mm Stainless washers
  • 1 M10 1.5 Stainless bolt (for turbine outlet adapter)
  • 2 M8 1.25 Stainess bolts (for compressor inlet adapter)
  • 1 Aluminum oil inlet adapter
  • 1 M12 1.5 Stainless Banjo bolt (oil inlet to adapter)
  • 4 M12 Copper washers (oil inlet)
  • 4 M14 Copper washers (water inlet/outlet)
  • 1 Oil drain gasket
BNR Limited Warranty