Greddy Type RZ Blowoff Valve

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Greddy Type FV2 Blowoff Valve UNIVERSAL

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GReddy BLOW OFF VALVE TYPE-FV2” inherits the floating valve structure that was popular in the previous FV model, while improving with a more sophisticated design, easier adjustment, and even more reliability.

A hand turning detent knob that adjust the preload setting of the spring does not require any tools. It is also now possible to change the direction of the hose union on the top cover, so it can also be adjusted 360°, also without tools, to best suit your installation.

The mounting flange and inlet retain the same dimensions as previous GReddy blow-off valves (TYPE-RS, RZ, and FV) so the TYPE-FV2 can easily replaced any of the older models.

■ Prevents idling problems that can tend to occur with other blow-off valves.
The floating valve mechanism allows the valve to react quickly because there is no need to apply unnecessary excessive preload to the spring.

■ Quick response even at low boost situations.
The floating valve mechanism prevents premature opening and closing of the valve.

■ Uses a floating valve structure (FV = " Floating Valve")
By adopting a floating valve design, the diaphragm and valve operate independently, in this way it is possible to achieve a valve response that exceeds that of the previous models and a stable blow-off situations throughout a large boost range.

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