HKS Super Sequential Blowoff Valve SSQV 4

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HKS SSQV 4 Blowoff Valve

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Experience Turbocharged Power Like Never Before with the HKS Super SQV (Sequential Blow Off Valve)

Unlock the full potential of your turbocharged vehicle with the HKS Super SQV (Sequential Blow Off Valve). This innovative blow off valve boasts a unique sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system, delivering consistent performance from low boost to high boost. Its Pull-Type relief design ensures stability in operation, regardless of the boost pressure level. The Super SQV is designed to support the latest generations of turbocharged vehicles, providing an exceptional driving experience.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Aluminum Die-Cast Body: The silver-coated aluminum die-cast body not only adds a touch of style to your engine compartment but also ensures exceptional durability.
  • High Stiffness Metal Die-Cast Valve: The main portion of the secondary valve is made of die-cast metal, combining reliable operation with a visually appealing design.
  • Triple Fin Design for "Super Sound": The innovative triple fins set at the center of the funnel produce a dynamic and aggressive sound. For those seeking a sound tuning option, a special Round Fin is available separately.
  • Pull-Type Relief Valve Operation: The Pull-Type valve operation offers precise relief of excess boost and is compatible with a wide range of boost pressures, making it superior to typical push-type blow off valves.
  • Primary Valve (Small): Instantly opens when you lift off the throttle, quickly discharging initial excess boost pressure.
  • Secondary Valve (Large): Combines with the Primary Valve in a sequential dual valve structure, ensuring optimal blow-off operation across a wide range of boost levels without any leaks.
  • Dual Valve Structure, Sequential System: The Primary Valve opens at low boost levels, and the Secondary Valve joins at high boost levels, resulting in a linear response and optimal blow-off operation at all boost levels.
  • Universal Compatibility: Pull-Type blow off valves like the Super SQV are suitable for any turbocharged vehicle, from stock configurations to highly tuned setups.

Say goodbye to the hassle of adjusting spring load settings with typical push-type blow off valves. The HKS Super SQV blowoff valve operates flawlessly at any boost pressure setting without leaks. It's time to experience turbocharged power at its best.

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1 Review

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    Real deal

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 16th 2014

    I bought this for my ATP FMIC. It's a real HKS SSQV unlike the fake eBay HKS SSQV.