ATP Turbo GTX35R Bolt On Turbo Kit Upgrade Mazdaspeed 3 MS3

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ATP Turbo GTX35R Bolt-On Turbo Kit Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013

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Take the GT style turbos and add more horsepower.  It's as simple as that.  Garrett has done their homework working on the ULTIMATE turbo upgrade using their same style housings from before.  With a revised CHRA (center housing and rotating assembly) and a recently redesigned billet compressor wheel, this takes the older design and upgrades it to flow much more air and ultimately create much more horsepower.

Taking advantage of dual ball bearings in the CHRA means your turbo will spool extremely quick and spin smoothly as the engine revs to keep flowing at the higher RPM ranges.  A billet compressor wheel with a redesigned blade structure reduces extra rotating mass making it easier for the turbo to flow more air into the engine.  The efficiency of these turbos is off the charts...literally.  When comparing the regular GT style turbos to the new GTX, you get an instant shift in airflow and efficiency range on the compressor map.  They can spin faster and flow more air while maintaining great efficiency. 

Mazdaspeed 3
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