ATP Turbo GT3071R Big Turbo Kit Upgrade Mazdaspeed 3

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ATP Turbo GT3071R Bolt-On Turbo Kit Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013

$1,620.23 - $1,685.23
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The Mazdaspeed 3 is a great car from the factory. For those that seek the bigger thrills though, the factory turbo just won't get you there. ATP Turbo has created an easy and efficient big turbo kit to make an amazing level of power in a stock configuration. Many turbo kits feature awesome setups with lots of TIG welded piping that transforms your car into something completely different than how it started. The ATP kit meets the enthusiast in the middle and allows you to use your stock exhaust manifold and stock downpipe style while upgrading the turbo. This means if you've already installed an aftermarket downpipe on the stock turbo, it will fit on this turbo. No need to upgrade. The same goes for the manifold. You can use the stock exhaust manifold, and many do, or you can use an upgraded exhaust manifold made for the stock turbo style. The flexibility is huge and the power potential is more than enough for any street car.

The kit comes complete with the necessary oil and coolant lines to complete the installation. You will need to reuse 2 of the factory oil and coolant lines but they can be upgraded with other lines currently available outside of the turbo kit. A different intake setup is required due to the increase in turbo inlet size in addition to your stock MAF housing or similar size intake needing to be upgraded (read more about that here). When combined with the right supporting modifications, the GT3071R Mazdaspeed big turbo kit will provide crazy power and a lot of smiles per gallon.

Turbo Kit Features:
*GT3071R Garrett based turbo with stock style turbine housing
*Dual Ball Bearing CHRA (Center Housing and Rotating Assembly)
*0.72 A/R Turbine Housing Size
*Oil Return Line Included
*Coolant Feed Line Included (Stainless Steel Braided)
*8psi, 14psi, and 22psi Internal Wastegate Actuator Options

NOTE: If you don't know what actuator pressure to choose, the most common is the 14psi spring. The actuator base pressure is the starting point of where the wastegate starts to open if you didn't have a boost controller. With the boost controller, you will be able to turn it up from the 14psi level to about double that. Whatever wastegate pressure you decide on, you will NOT be able to run BELOW that. You will only be able to turn it up from there. For this reason, the 14psi spring is the most popular and most convenient for street applications.

Mazdaspeed 3
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1 Review

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    Waste of money

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 30th 2019

    3071r is a complete waste of time and money on an ms3/6 will barely make more power than the stock turbo with custom tune... 07 ms3 built motor, bc cams, 3071r, devils own meth kit, dyno tuned @25psi whopping 350whp... what a disappointment