Whiteline Rear Sway Bar Kit MOTORSPORT Honda Civic ALL 2016-2020

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Whiteline Rear Sway Bar Kit MOTORSPORT Honda Civic ALL 2016-2021

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Whiteline's motosport sway bar kit for the 10th gen Honda Civic features a full sway bar, end link, and bushing replacement setup that will enhance the stiffness of the rear of the vehicle greatly. The sway bar is a 2-point adjustable version and come with adjustable end links to set it in the exact spot the car needs. Aluminum bushing brackets and new sway bar bushings are included in the kit and will hold the sway bar in place nicely on the 10th gen Civic.

Upgrading your rear sway bar will help with the natural understeer characteristics of the Civic. Many front wheel drive cars suffer from understeer but stiffening the rear can help rotate the car and help it stay much more flat through a corner, allowing better use of the tires and chassis than before.

1.5T non Si/Si/Type R
Whiteline Limited Warranty