Tanabe DF210 Spring Kit WRX 11-12 / STI 08-12

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Tanabe DF210 Lowering Springs Subaru WRX 2011-2014 / WRX STI 2008-2014

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The DF210 coil spring offers a large drop, while retaining superb ride quality characteristics. The spring rate is raised to compensate for the shortened amount of suspension travel. The DF210 is unique in that it provides an excellent range of benefits, from its extremely low stance, to performance and comfort. Overall, the DF210 is extremely well balanced for those looking to lower their car, increase handling potential and maintain comfort.


Drop Height Hatch Front : 1.1in
Drop Height Hatch Rear : 1.1in
Drop Height Hatch Front Metric : 28mm
Drop Height Hatch Rear Metric: 28mm
Drop Height Sedan Front : 1.0in
Drop Height Sedan Rear : .7in
Drop Height Sedan Front Metric : 25mm
Drop Height Sedan Rear Metric: 18mm
Spring Rate Front : 246lbs/in
Spring Rate Rear : 173lbs/in
Spring Rate Front Metric: 4.4Kg/mm
Spring Rate Rear Metric : 3.1Kg/mm


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