Swift Sport Springs Spec-R Ford Focus ST 2014-2018

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Swift Sport Springs Spec-R Ford Focus ST 2014-2018

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Swift made Sport Springs Spec-R is made for true track racing enthusiasts that wants to take their vehicle to the next level.
Sport Springs Spec-R is engineered with 2 main characteristics.

1 Redesign lowering ride height to maximize the suspension performance allowing the vehicle to fully absorb road condition for maximum traction.

2 Increase in spring rate to further enhance cornering speed through entry & exit. The increase in spring rate is based on the vehicle factory stock valving settings. Sport Springs Spec-R is increase to the optimal rate that the stock shocks can handle. Higher performance shocks are not required, but recommended.

Spec R springs are wound with the same engineering as our sports springs. With the exception of stiffer rates and slight change in ride height; you can expect the same characteristics as our sports springs.

Front Lowering: 1.0 in
Rear Lowering: 1.0 in

Spring Rate

Front: 4.5 kg/mm, 251 lbs/in
Rear: 5.0 kg/mm, 279 lbs/in

Swift Springs Limited Warranty