South Bend Clutch Stage 2 DAILY Clutch Kit 5MT Subaru WRX 2006-2020

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South Bend Clutch Stage 2 DAILY Clutch Kit 5MT Subaru WRX 2006-2020

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This is the South Bend Stage 2 Daily Clutch Kit. This clutch kit is ideal for those of you with bolt-on modifications that will increase the power and the torque of your engine, which would otherwise surpass the limits of your OEM clutch kit. This kit combines South Bend's Heavy Duty Pressure Plate with their Organic Disc to provide an increase in clamp load, while the high metal content of the disc will increase the friction that will hold the power down twice as much when compared to the design of the OEM disc. Furthermore, like most South Bend clutch kits, the Stage 2 Daily Clutch Kit will provide a comfortable, stock feel that is livable for daily use but will provide the clutch performance needed for those weekend track events.

Product Features:

  • Includes South Bend's Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate good to around 315wtq
  • Includes the organic disc that has a high metal content that will increase the coefficient of friction that is twice as much when compared to the stock lining
  • Designed to have an increase in the torque capacity
  • Ideal for those with moderate bolt-ons that would surpass the power limits of the factory clutch
  • Comfortable for daily use as the pressure plate does not have much increase in the way of pedal effort
  • Recommended for street use to moderate race use
  • Applications may vary but will also include the throw-out bearing, alignment tool, and pilot bearing for a complete kit
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