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Russell Performance Speed Bleeder 10mm x 1.0

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Russell Performance Speed Bleeders make bleeding your brakes extremely quick and easy. This will replace the factory or original bleeder screw. The Russell Speed Bleeder has a built-in check valve that only allows fluid and air out but will not let it back in once you take your foot off the brake. This eliminates the need to have a friend help you bleed your brakes and the opening and closing of the bleeder screw multiple time while trying to bleed. Hook up a brake fluid line to the end of the bleeder screw, crack the bleeder screw open, and pump the brakes until it's solid with fluid. After that, tighten up the screw and you're ready to go.

*2 bleeder screws are included in each individual part.  For 4 bleeder screws, order 2 complete units.

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