Redline Tuning QuickLIFT PLUS Hood Struts Mazda 3 | Mazdaspeed 3 2010-2013

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Our Hood QuickLIFT system includes two Redline Tuning progressive gas springs and all of the necessary hardware specifically designed for your vehicle. Whether you choose the QuickLIFT, QuickLIFT PLUS or QuickLIFT ELITE system, you'll have plenty to show off - we know from experience that it will be the first item people comment on when you open your hood! Both systems function and install identically, the differences are described above.

*Wide-open engine access - Open access to engine bay without a prop rod in your way
*Hidden when closed - QuickLIFT designed to fit in the fender lip area - disappears when hood closes
*Quick and easy hood lifting - Simply start to lift your hood and the QuickLIFT takes over about mid-way to lift and hold your hood without interference
*Standard hood closing - Hood closes just like it normally does - can be dropped from standard height or pushed close without added resistance.
*Progressive, slow release gas springs - Our custom Redline Tuning gas-springs are engineered to release slowly over the final inches of extension - this allows the hood to raise slowly and come to rest at the full-open position without shaking or stress to the hood. These aren't cheap over-seas off-the-shelf gas springs, these are designed by us and the best available for each application.
*No compromise design - Every new QuickLIFT application we release is designed for the vehicle. We do not compromise the design by placing the gas springs in poor locations just to be 'bolt-in'. All of our systems are professionally designed and meant to lift and hold your hood in strong winds - our competitors do NOT.
*Full-Color installation manual - all of our products include incredibly detailed full-color documentation - anyone can install our products, regardless of their skill level.
*Simple and easy installation - This incredibly useful product needs to be the first mod done to your vehicle.
*Secure mounting - Whether your vehicles QuickLIFT includes our custom ball-stud mounting brackets or bolt in ball-studs, our designs are extremely robust and are made to work on ALL hood types - steel, SMC, fiberglass, carbon fiber, Aluminum, unless otherwise specified.
*Excellent warranty - Redline Tuning stands behind our products with up to 5 year warranty on all components in our hood QuickLIFT ELITE system.
*Be aware of other imitations - Redline Tuning is the original and best hood lift company, leading the way in hood lift systems. Redline Tuning does not use off-the-shelf component or gas springs - all of our components are designed by us and manufactured to our specifications.

Redline Tuning Limited Warranty

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  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2019

    Couple quick and easy measurements and pop some rivets in your hood. Definitely a little nerve racking to hear that in you hood. But great product. Don't cheap out on the universal.

  • 5
    Best convenient modification

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Apr 2019

    My girlfriend was watching an episode of mighty car mods and noticed they had hood struts on one of their vehicles. She recommended that I get them for the Mazda. I happily obliged.
    INSTALL: Very simple, you could honestly eyeball where the mount is supposed to go on the hood from the pictures. A little painful to have to drill into the hood and rivet the mounts. Struts just click onto the ball points.
    After the install, I didn’t realize how convenient it would be to not have the prop rod in the way when working on the engine. 10/10 would recommend!

  • 5
    Don't settle for the competition

    Posted by Dale on 20th Sep 2015

    Installation might scare some buyers away, but honestly it was really easy and I could't ask for a better setup. Struts are high quality, and the proper mounting points make all the difference in the world compared to the competitors. Lift action is smooth with no hood bucking when fully extended.