Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2017

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Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2019

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Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential

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Ford Fiesta ST 2014
Ford Fiesta ST 2015

Product Description
The Quaife LSD uit, short for limited slip differential, for the Fiesta ST directly replaces the factory open differential unit to create a highly improved traction ability. Depending on gears in the LSD, instead of clutch plates, means this unit is much smoother in operation. As the main powering wheel begins to slip under power, the Quaife LSD will transfer power with a varying degree to the other drive wheel to help the vehicle achieve a much better level of grip as it accelerates under a high amount of power being applied. An added benefit to upgrading to the Quaife LSD is the massive reduction of torque steer. Because both of the front wheels are now able to power the car, it eliminates the requirement for only one side to power the car, which normally causes the car to pull in one direction under power. If you're planning on adding more power to the Ford Fiesta ST in your garage, the Quaife ATB helical LSD would be a great compliment to help put the power to the ground better.

Beginning in 1965, Quaife has become a powerhouse in drivetrain related components, especially in the performance aftermarket segment. Their home base is located in southeast England and distribute their products worldwide for a great number of applications. Quaife works with many factory OEM companies as well as developing their own aftermarket parts to help achieve a higher performing, more reliable driveline in any given application.

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Quaife products come with a limited warranty against crafstmanship and defects. Please contact us for further details or visit the Quaife website.

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