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Massive Speed Keyed Crankshaft Ford EcoBoost 2.3L

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The Massive Speed "keyed" crankshaft is a brand new Ford OEM crankshaft with a custom machined keyway that allows a positive connection to the timing and oil pump gears that does not allow the timing gear to slip while spinning with the crank. Because the factory engine uses friction washers to engage the crank and timing gear together, this has the potential to fail under high loads and high horsepower applications that put additional stress and load on the crank. With a keyway, the gear is locked to the crank and will not slip. This keeps timing true and prevents potentially catastrophic damage.

This crankshaft can be used on a Focus ST for a 2.3L stroker setup. You will need 2.3L rods and the factory size 2.0L rods will not work.

Massive Speed Limited Warranty