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JBR Bypass Valve Hose BLACK Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013 | Mazdaspeed 6 2006-2007

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The JBR DISI Bypass Valve Return Hose is a direct silicone replacement for the OEM return hose. In less than a year the OEM hose will show signs of deterioration and cracking. Over time, leaks will form and what once was a smooth running engine will soon decline in performance and run poorly and possibly cause the check engine light to come on.

The JBR Bypass Valve Return Hose is molded in the form of the original for a direct replacement fit. It’s constructed out of five (5) layers of high performance silicone and four (4) layers of reinforcement. The JBR Bypass Return Hose will easily outlast the life of the car, increase performance and add some color for a nice personalized touch.

The kit includes:

1 DISI Bypass Valve Return Hose
2 Stainless Clamps

Mazdaspeed 3/Mazdaspeed 6
JBR Limited Warranty

9 Reviews

  • 5
    Good looking

    Posted by Elijah Early on May 20th 2021

    Great product. Definitely tight on a 3.5 jbr intake. I have a 2013 speed 3. Wont need to cut it, like the other comments state but use some dish soap and you should be good!

  • 5
    It works as intended.

    Posted by Charlie on Sep 2nd 2020

    Works great with my JB wide path 3.0” all aluminum intake. I did have to trim about 1” off of it though.

  • 1
    Doesn't fit

    Posted by Jeff on Feb 8th 2020

    Bought this to replace a kinked stock hose. Inner diameter isn't big enough to slide onto the fitting of my Cobb turbo inlet hose, and there's not enough stretch to make it work. Frustrating waste of money.

  • 4
    JBR bypass valve hose

    Posted by Christopher Hadley on Jan 16th 2020

    Hose took a bit of trimming and not easy to slide in but it worked. 3.5” HTP intake and a Turbo XS hybrid BOV. Good quality hose and fast shipping.

  • 5
    Very satisfied

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 25th 2018

    OEM hose had a large tear. As usual great service by edge and free shipping.

  • 5
    Does what its meant too

    Posted by Tim on Jul 15th 2016

    Simple basic recirc tube, looks awesome, i did black cause im doing all black tubing to match the car, wouldve done white but when i bought my power parth stage 2 intake i did not white so heh, whatever, black it is. But works as supposed to and thats all i can ask for, same old edge service, cant get any better than that.

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 20th 2015

    It is a great hose. I used it to fit over a corksport bypass valve and HTP 3.0" intake. The corksport bpv doesn't grab onto the stock hose very well and the JBR hose fits over nicely. It took some wd40 to the inside of the JBR hose to fit over my HTP to make life easy. The hose looks great. The clamps are strong. I did need to cut off an inch. It's nice JBR sells them a bit long. I haven't ran it very long, but doesn't look like I'll have issues with this hose.

  • 3
    JBR recirc tube

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 10th 2014

    It's a quality piece, however the tube ID is too small, and will not fit with a HTP 3" intake. I even tried to trim the ID but it still would not fit over. A good replacement for OEM, but if you have an aftermarket intake look elsewhere.

  • 5
    Does what its supposed to

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 28th 2014

    Product received as expected, nothing complex or elaborate. I was pleased that JBR had the decency tp provide worm clamps so I didnt have to reuse those horrible stock clamps. Also, as a smart move on JBR,the hose is longer than stock, by about 3/4 to a full inch. That's a good thing, contrary to most people wanting these to come ready to shove on their car and drive. You may have to measure and cut some material, thats not an issue. Solid piece, doesnt kink if you install it correctly. No leaks since its been on the car.