Hasport Rear Motor Mount 82A 6MT Honda Civic ALL inc. Type R 2016-2020

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Hasport Rear Motor Mount 88A 6MT Honda Civic ALL inc. Type R 2016-2021

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Hasport's rear motor mount significantly reduces engine movement from front to back as the engine pitches hard during acceleration and deceleration events. When you can prevent engine movement, the chassis stays much more balanced. This results in better traction and less force acting on the car while it's turning and changing speeds quickly. The car will feel much more solid and the driver will receive much better feedback from the wheel. Shifting will improve as well since it is directly affecting the movement of the transmission. This mount features the harder 82A durometer out of the 2 different levels available. If you'd like the softer version, check out the 62A durometer. Both durometers will provide a significant improvement over the stock 10th gen Honda Civic rear motor mount.

1.5T non Si/Si/Type R
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