Greddy HG Supreme SP Exhaust System Honda Civic Type R 2017-2019

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Greddy's HG Supreme SP (high grade) is the premium version of a normal SP system for an extra clean style, fitment, and function. The three tip configuration is maintained for the Honda Civic Type R exhaust system and piping diameter is increased to the performance standard of 3 inches for a 4 cylinder turbo engine. Piping is mandrel bent to ensure smooth flowing transitions as the exhaust pressure and gas makes its way out. All three tips are preceded by individual muffler canisters, the main center pipe being a straight through design and the 2 end pipes featuring sideways canisters. Of course, just like with any Greddy Supreme SP exhaust, the sound is just as good as the looks. No droning or crazy resonances exist. Greddy Supreme SP exhausts don't disappoint.
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