Go Fast Bits Turbo Fuse (Overboost Protection)

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Go Fast Bits Turbo Fuse (Overboost Protection)

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Go Fast Bits Turbo Fuse (Overboost Protection)

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The Go Fast Bits Turbo Fuse is a device that protects your engine from seeing extremely dangerous boost levels that can destroy an engine quickly. Working together with the blowoff valve, when the Turbo Fuse sees an overboost condition, it will open the blowoff valve venting the over-pressurized intake system to relieve pressure. Overboost conditions occur when the boost controller is accidentally setup incorrectly or too high or the boost control system fails and causes the turbo to overboost until the engine can’t handle it anymore. Once the Turbo Fuse device is forced to operate, it resets itself once the throttle closes and you can boost again.


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Go Fast Bits offers a limited manufacturer warranty for defects and craftsmanship.  Please visit Go Fast Bits' website for more details by clicking here

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