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Edge Autosport Stage 1 Flash Tune Gas Only Subaru WRX 2022+

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As we continue to develop more flash tunes for this platform, we want to make sure to give you the most value you can get for purchasing a flash tune. ALL flash tunes will come as a package for each fuel type. If you're using pump gas, you'll get all Staged pump gas tunes when we make them available. For ethanol blends, you'll get all Staged maps for ethanol flash tunes. At the current time, only Stage 1 is available (single map). We will most likely increase the price of the package, but only slightly. We will email all customers with Stage 1 only flash tunes and offer them future maps for the difference in the price paid vs. the new price when they are released. We will include all maps for future purchases of WRX VB flash tunes. Ethanol and pump gas flash tunes are sold separately or as a discounted bundle. Bundle pricing is only available at the time of purchase.


  • Designed for a completely stock vehicle with no bolt-on modifications.
  • 91 octane or higher fuel can be used.
  • Smooth power production throughout the powerband.
  • Harder hitting torque curve, a massive difference from stock.
  • Large power and torque gains throughout the entire rpm range.
  • Roughly 50% peak torque gains, over 40% more horsepower around 4k rpm, and roughly 20% more peak horsepower compared to stock.
  • Tested and developed at sea level and high altitude locations.

Starting with the 2022 WRX models, Subaru began using the FA24DIT engine which increased displacement by about 20% and gave the entire powertrain potential a nice bump. This is great news for anyone that didn't think the 2015-2021 model had enough juice. However, it's even better for anyone that is going after more power and torque. The potential is much higher than the FA20DIT predecessor. Without putting on any bolt-on parts, significant increases in power can be had with just a Cobb Tuning AccessPort and a customized tune from Edge Autosport.

Cobb Tuning, like they do in all applications, includes upgraded maps to get you started in the right direction. They make sure to keep it conservative and safe with slight increases in boost, timing, and other changes for a more performance oriented experience. It's a noticeable difference from stock, without question. The AccessPort has more functionality than just the increased power and torque, too. But if you ask us, it's all about the gains.


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