EBC GD Sport Slotted and Dimpled Rotors FRONT Ford Focus ST 2013-2017

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EBC GD Sport Slotted and Dimpled Rotors FRONT Ford Focus ST 2013-2014

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The GD Series Rotor from EBC is a slotted and "dimpled", performance rotor. The same high quality, cast iron materials are used for the original rotor and then machined for a more performance based application. The slots and dimples help the rotor wear the brake pad evenly and remove hot gases as the friction surface rubs against the rotor. The dimpled design helps keep the integrity of the rotor intact instead of a straight through drill. The GD series does not exhibit a loud braking noise common with some slotted rotors. GD series rotors are great for any track day car but can also work throughout normal street driving. This is a stock replacement rotor that will fit with the stock calipers.

EBC GD rotors feature the Nitrotherm coating which aids corrosion resistance and provides a nicer finish.

Fits early production, smaller front rotor Focus ST's only!

EBC Brakes Limited Warranty