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Damond Motorsports Oil Catch Can Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2019

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Preventing blow by and oil vapors from contaminating your intake system cannot be looked past, especially when modifying your car for higher power levels. The more power you make, the more contamination generally comes with it. The Damond Motorsports catch can kit will fix you up and keep that intake system clean by preventing buildup from vapors and blow by exiting the crank case. Everything needed to install the kit and mount the catch can is included for a smooth installation. Check valves come fully assembled in the lines, ready to route in your engine bay. The catch can is a powdercoated aluminum can with built-in baffle plates to make sure nothing gets past the can and back into the intake. Draining the can couldn't be easier either. Just open the valve via the manual lever and let it drain.

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