cp-e xFlex Wishbone Rear Engine Mount Mazda 6 S 2003-2008

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cp-e xFlex Wishbone Rear Engine Mount Mazda 6 S 2003-2008

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The OEM wishbone engine mount on the Mazda 6s has been known to be a weak link. One of the biggest issues is the OEM rubber which will tear with any kind of spirited driving. After consulting with many enthusiast and Mazda dealers, Custom Performance Engineering decided to develop a replacement mount that will not break or tear.

The Custom Performance Engineering’s mount is CNC machined out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum and designed to bolt into the stock location without any modifications. After much testing,cp-e™ decided to use a rubber for this particular application. Urethane will simply not withstand the extreme temperatures that EPDM rubber will. cp-e™ was able to use a more rigid and durable rubber therefore offering all of the advantages of urethane with a higher temperature tolerance.

Because the new design is more rigid and flexes less you will experience less wheel hop with spirited driving. Essentially the engine mount allow the car to “hook up” better.

Kit includes billet mount, billet triangle bracket and/or billet spacers, and installation instructions.

cp-e Limited Warranty