cp-e SafeSeal Injector Seals with Puller Tool Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013 | Mazdaspeed 6 2006-2007

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cp-e SafeSeal Injector Seals with Puller Tool Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013 | Mazdaspeed 6 2006-2007

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In the high horsepower quest of the MZR 2.3 DISI, enthusiasts have hit many roadblocks. One of the strangest roadblocks faced was that increasing the horsepower meant increasing the cylinder pressure and as a result the load on the fuel injector seals. The fuel injector is located directly in the cylinder and every time the spark plug fires it sees a tremendous pressure spike. Working with fellow enthusiast Scott Chambers, cp-e™ is proud to introduce the solution. An injector seal that will handle the added pressure and stress of a high HP direct injected engine.

This patent pending SAFEseal™ is made of a soft material that aids in sealing everything, while still being strong enough to deal with the increased pressure and demands seen with a high horsepower DI engine. Once you have made the decision to replace your injector seals one of the biggest hurdles is taking them out. Not to worry! cp-e™ has machined and included a small slide hammer to aid in the removal of the injectors.

Our SAFEseal™ Injector Seals are truly a bolt in installation! cp-e™ is supplying the necessary studs, nuts, and washers for the installation. The studs will ensure the proper torque is used without stripping the head of the engine while allowing there to be a higher clamping force. The supplied washers are custom CNC lathed aluminum designed to match the stock washers that are normally reused. No more cutting, grinding, or time wasting, this kit comes with everything you will need for a full, proper installation!

Mazdaspeed 3/Mazdaspeed 6
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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Just what I needed!

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 20th 2019

    I was chasing timing noise for weeks till I read up on these little guys. Turns out timing was great but my FI seals were damaged. Strongly recommend getting these if you pull the fuel rail on your MazdaSpeed.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 23rd 2016

    These sealed on the car I installed them on great . Also took my old cpe seals out and put new ones in for the new block the removel tool works great

  • 4
    Good quality product

    Posted by Abraham on Jul 16th 2016

    Seals are good quality. Only concern is 3 out of 4 of the seals were a bit loose when sliding into the injector body. So I used some sealant that CPE recommends to seal them. Would be better if CPE updated their design for these seals similar to the CS ones where the edge is flared to crush seal. Also one of the replacement studs the kit came with snapped when I was torquing it. Overall seals were good.

  • 5
    A+ product

    Posted by Speed Solutions on Jul 4th 2016

    awesome product perfect option for anyone looking for high horsepower security

  • 4

    Posted by MarkhamSnappy on Oct 28th 2015

    I was worried about my injectors sticking into the head, and needing the tool to remove them. Good seals, well made. The kit was more cash, but I got to sleep afterwards. The tool was assurance.