cp-e Delta Core Front Mount Intercooler LIGHTWEIGHT Ford Focus ST 2013-2018

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cp-e Delta Core Front Mount Intercooler LIGHTWEIGHT Ford Focus ST 2013-2018

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After months of engineering and development, cp-e™ is proud to release the Lightweight ΔCore Front Mount Intercooler for the Focus ST. The stock intercooler does an excellent job for the everyday driver that doesn’t want to modify their car. However, once you find that itch to go faster, the intercooler is a must have modification.

  • Lightweight, highly efficient design
  • Minimal Pressure Drop
  • Maximized Core Design
  • Substantially Lower & More Consistent Charge Temps
  • Bolt-in Design, No Vehicle Modification Needed
  • Fully Cast End-Tanks

cp-e™ started off by determining the maximum size core that could fit without major modification to the vehicle. After our initial large core, we set out to build a lightweight version that combines performance with a smaller footprint. What we ended up with is a 28” x 8.25” x 3.5” core that performs great with lighter weight and a smaller size. This core uses the bar and plate design to help ensure a high level of efficiency.

cp-e™ then set their sights on the endtanks, developing a design that not only encloses the core, but also requires no cutting, no drilling, and no permanent modification to the vehicle. With the laser cut brackets, the intercooler will mount in the stock location while matching up to the stock intercooler piping. Customers can now upgrade their piping when their power demands need it and modify in smaller increments.

As always, the cp-e™ intercooler includes cast endtanks that are welded and pressure tested with the core. What sets these endtanks from the rest is the engineering behind their shape and internal design. Hours of design and computer flow diagrams have been put into the tanks’ design to virtually eliminate turbulence within them. Many times, upgrading an intercooler causes increased turbo-lag, and an overall pressure loss. This is because of the large size of the core and the turbulence within the endtanks. By designing the endtanks to be smaller, and more efficient cp-e™ has found a way to minimalize turbulence in order to keep the drivability of the car high, while still enlarging the intercooler drastically.

The internal design of the endtanks directs the air to bring the most optimal airflow as well as an even distribution throughout the core. In intercoolers, the back half of the core only does 25% of the cooling. The endtanks have been designed to direct the air properly into the core for the most even cooling, giving the vehicle the most consistent conditions going into the engine.

cp-e Limited Warranty

12 Reviews

  • 5
    Cpe and edgeautosport

    Posted by Oscar Martinez on Mar 23rd 2021

    I originally ordered this part from another site I later got an email saying it will be in stock two months from the order date! I CAME TO EDGEAUTOSPORTS AND PLACED MY ORDER , a few days later I got my intercooler!! Great products and even better service!

  • 5
    Great fit

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 1st 2019

    Combined with charge pipes I dropped almost 15 degrees on charged air. Love the fit and looks amazing installed. Great shop and even better service

  • 5
    Completely satisfied

    Posted by Alejandro on Sep 18th 2017

    Item nicely packaged and in perfect condition. Completely satisfied after installing the part on my car. One of the best purchase i made.

  • 5
    CPE is awesome

    Posted by Patrick on Sep 4th 2017

    This thing is still pretty huge and probably 4x as heavy but man does it look good. Before at 95° ambient, I was almost at 120° after a couple pulls. Now no more than 4-5. It's awesome. CPE has been solid for me. Great welds.

  • 5
    CPE Light weight FMIC

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 16th 2017

    Awesome intercooler!! Just finished install and made a few test drives. It was 85 degrees today & charge air temps barely touched 100!! Pull after pull! Huge difference over stock. Highly recommend. Edge has best price, free shipping & great customer service!!

  • 5
    cp-e FMIC

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 9th 2017

    I actually ordered the larger delta core but was shipped the lightweight by mistake. Alan and JP were both great in resolving the issue to my satisfaction. Mistakes happen but taking care of them quickly is the reason I'm still and Edge customer. The FMIC works perfectly, as expected.

  • 4
    Friggin Sweet Deal !!!

    Posted by ukravit on Sep 28th 2016

    Install was easy and was done with no modifications to the car or intercooler. Power is more consistent and the car is more fun to drive. Well worth the investment.

  • 5
    Keeping it cool

    Posted by Miguel Prieto on Jul 17th 2016

    This intercool does the job at its best. Easy to install and best of all in no time you'll be back on the road making high pulls back after back.

  • 5
    Flat Line

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 4th 2016

    I can do pull after pull and not see an increase, this is the FMIC to get for the stock turbo!

  • 5
    One of the best out there!

    Posted by Brett on Feb 19th 2016

    If you are looking for cooler charge temps, you cant go wrong with this intercooler. My temps now are about 3 degrees over ambient at WOT and at ambient during normal driving. Install is pretty straightforward but will off a piece of advice. Invest in a very long extension and go in from the top of the car when bolting to factory location as this intercooler does not give your hands much room to work. EdgeAutosport also has the best prices around. A plus customer service to go with it.

  • 5

    Posted by TJ on Feb 8th 2016

    It was a very quick and easy mod to install! Makes a huge difference to the car! Temps stay very low even during pulls!

  • 5
    Keep your turbo cool!

    Posted by Matt on Jan 15th 2016

    After weighing the options for front mount intercoolers, I decided to go with the CP-E for its great quality construction and fit. It has provided enough cooling without having to go to the larger core for my needs. Charge temps were only rising 1°-2° over ambient temps after install (installed during the winter mind you) love the look wirh it too. Great quality product!