Cobb Tuning Stage 2+ NexGen Power Package with AccessPort V3 Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2009

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Cobb Tuning NEXGEN Stage 2 Power Package with AccessPort V3 Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2009

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The MAZDASPEED3 NexGen Stage 2+ Power Pack includes the Accessport V3, SF intake + airbox, turbo inlet hose, front mount intercooler, rear motor mount, BPV and fuel pump upgrade.

NexGen Power Packages re-establish the modification and upgrade paths for supported vehicles that have been impacted by the removal of Downpipes. These packages provide similar performance and excitement, while maintaining legal emissions standards.

Interactive dyno chart: hover or tap lines for HP and TQ percentages.

This part is legal under the provisions of EPA’s Anti-Tampering Policy. COBB Tuning has established a reasonable basis (testing results) to verify that this product allows the vehicle to operate within legal emissions standards and is therefore legal to be sold for on-street use in all states that accept the legal provisions of the Clean Air Act and EPA’s Anti-Tampering Policy.

MAZ-002 Specific Features:

  • Advanced Tuning Settings - Dial in performance features such as launch control, flat-foot shift, and wastegate duty cycle, directly from the Accessport.  Simply enable “Advanced Tuning Settings” to begin.
  • Launch Control - Launch Control builds boost and generates instantaneous horsepower off the line.  Once enabled, these settings can be adjusted before each flash of a compatible map.

  • Flat-foot Shift - Keep the throttle on the floor during shifts and maintain boost between gears with this customizable RPM setting.  Once enabled, these settings can be dialed in on the Accessport before each flash of a compatible map.

  • Wastegate Duty Cycle - Adjust your wastegate duty cycle during flashes (-50% to +10%) to correct underboost, overboost, and boost cut conditions (requires COBB OTS maps).
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