Cobb Tuning Front Mount Intercooler Kit BLACK FMIC Subaru WRX STI 2008-2014

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Cobb Tuning Front Mount Intercooler Kit BLACK FMIC Subaru WRX STI 2011-2014

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The Cobb Tuning front mount intercooler kit, or FMIC, relocates the factory intercooler from the top of the engine bay to the front bumper area.  The top mount is efficient enough in stock form but when trying to make more power, it stops making sense really quick.  The engine makes the intercooler a lot hotter than it should be which promotes less dense air, less power, and an inconsistent running engine that at times, can see unsafe conditions due to the high temperatures.  The new intercooler is a HUGE 30" wide core with a 10.5" height and comes in at 3.5" thick.  The core features a bar and plate design which is MUCH better suited for cooling down the dense pressurized intake charge being thrown through the intake system from the turbo.  The Cobb Subaru WRX STI intercooler is capable of handling 800whp+ efficiently and will flow and hold pressure at power levels much below that as well.  All piping is mandrel bent for smooth, fast airflow and all hardware to mount the kit is included.  Completing the fitment of the kit is a new crash bar that is needed to fit the larger core while maintaining chassis functionality and mounting points. 

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