Cobb Tuning AccessPort V3 VW GTI Mk6 2010-2014

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Cobb Tuning AccessPort V3 VW GTI Mk6 2010-2014

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The VW GTI AccessPort is the only thing holding you back from unlocking the true power of your 2.0T. With the AP, the flexibility is huge. The ability to tune is now in right in the end user's hands. Want to make it easy and flash an OTS (off-the-shelf) map? No problem, just plug in the AccessPort into your OBD2 port and flash the appropriate map to your car based on the performance parts you have. With the VW AccessPort from Cobb, ALL available maps come preloaded on the AccessPort. Software and firmware updates are 100% free and are accessible directly through Cobb Tuning's website.

Here's where the AccessPort for your GTI is really going to shine. The potential inside of your 2.0T is now completely unlocked through AccessTuner, Cobb's tuning software behind the AccessPort. Whether you are a self-tuner or you want to have your preferred, local dyno shop tune your vehicle on their dyno, you can now do that with ease. Complete customization of your ECU settings is now available with the AP. Let's say you want to add a methanol injection kit to clean your valves, increase your octane, and cool the intake air but you also want to be able to customize the tune so that you can expose the extra power potential your methanol kit gives you. The AP can do it. Maybe you want to add that big turbo kit or get a custom setup built but you don't know what to do about the tune. The AP solves that issue.

Here is what you get with the VW AccessPort:

*Ultimate Flexibility - No need to send in your ECU or have a dealer flash it. Open the box, flash your car. It's that simple.
*All OTS (Off-The-Shelf) Maps Included
*Free Software and Firmware Updates - If Cobb releases new maps, they're available to any AccessPort user, no charge.
*Hardware - The AccessPort itself is a device. Monitor up to 6 ECU functions simultaneously including boost, AFR, ignition timing, and MANY more.
*Multiple Maps - The AP will hold several maps that you have customized for different conditions. Race gas maps, ethanol based maps, pump gas maps, valet mode, etc. Hold custom and/or OTS maps all on one device and switch maps at any time.
*Uninstall - You're selling your car or stocking out. No problem. Uninstall the AP from the car and your ECU is back to stock just like that.
*Trouble Codes - Clear check engine lights easily and permanently that get triggered with certain modifications. Tell your ECU not to worry certain codes that it doesn't have to.
*Datalogging - Monitor how your VW 2.0T is running through a quick datalog. Find out what is happening at any rpm with high resolution. Download your datalog from the AP to your computer and view in an easy to read excel spreadsheet. You can check on certain conditions or use it to send to your tuner to get their opinion. Datalogging is crucial to high power, highly modified setups. The AP makes it easy.
*Performance Measurements, RPM Warning Lights, AccessPort Manager, and much more are all included.

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