Clutch Masters FX500 Clutch Kit Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0L 2010-2012

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Clutch Masters FX500 6 Pad Clutch Kit Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0L 2010-2012

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Clutch Masters FX500 Clutch Kit Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0L 2010-2012

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Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0L 2010-2012

Product Description
The Clutch Masters FX500 clutch kit utilizes the Power Plus I or II Pressure Plate, depending on application, to make sure there is plenty of pressure being applied to the clutch disc, forcing the transmission to power the wheels quickly and effectively. The FX500 is designed mainly for race applications only. The clutch disc features a solid design, with no springs in the hub. This allows direct and extremely quick reaction and engagement of the clutch disc to the flywheel and pressure plate. Multiple pads create a quicker engagement of the clutch disc to the flywheel and pressure plate allowing very quick power transfer to the transmission and therefore, to the wheels. Multi-pad discs can sometimes cause chatter and harshness when starting off from a stop so choose this clutch carefully for your application. All components that complete a clutch kit are included. FX500 kits feature ceramic clutch disc material that is typically not expected in increase life expectancy over stock but rather, increase holding capacity and durability under stress and high performance situations. Clutch life is dependent on many things including power levels, driving habits, break-in procedure, and flywheel pairing. The FX500 requires a minimum of 500 break-in miles before heavier use.

To figure out the amount of pads in the clutch disc of your specific application, please refer to this guide. The less pad count there is, the more aggressive the clutch disc.

###-##-HDB4 (Four Puck Disc)
###-##-HDB6 (Six Puck Disc)
###-##-HDBL (Eight Puck Disc)

Clutch Masters believes that performance should never be compromised in any clutch system. They have developed a clutch system that utilizes their Hi-Leverage technique that allows the end user to experience comfort while maintaining a high level of performance. Clutch Masters offers a massive range of clutch setups including full face discs, segmented discs, twin disc systems, aluminum flywheels, steel flywheels, and multiple pressure plates to allow for all ranges of clamping force necessary to improve the car's performance according to your specific goals. With over 28 years of experience making some of the best clutch systems, it's not wonder they have a great reputation with a large number of applications.

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Clutch Masters products come with a 90 day limited warranty. Defects in materials and craftsmanship are covered under this warranty. To see more about Clutch Masters' warranty policy, please visit their website right here.

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