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State of the Aftermarket: SEMA Show 2015

Posted by JP Alonso on

Nothing is quite like SEMA. You can go to whatever show you want, any race you want, and nothing quite has the same effect as SEMA. All the big wigs spend the big bucks and make sure everyone that walks past their needle-in-a-haystack booth have something to look at and remember. There are people to talk to about their products or stunning models to go up and take a picture with. Celebrities make their way throughout the show and you can often times shake their hand if you feel like being a fly they'd like to swat away. Whatever you love about it, there is lots to love.

At SEMA, we like to take a glance at where trends are headed, what products are coming out, and the general state of the aftermarket. This year didn't disappoint (it rarely does) and we made several observations. Here's what we came away with.

As if it wasn't obvious already, now it really is. Widebody is more than a trend at this point.

Liberty Walk Dodge Challenger

If wheels are considered art, you can name the current movement expressionism. There are so many brands, styles, and structures and it's not just about the wheel itself anymore. It's about how it fits, not just on the car itself, but how the car is modded.

Refinement. The trends that were getting popular the last few years really stood out as refined. No longer are people just experimenting and hoping others like it. Many builds are so on point that you have to respect it, even if it's not your style.

Airbags are playing a huge role in modifying. Although, I'm not sure what their ceiling is from a performance standpoint, they are definitely finding a comfortable spot in the style segment of the aftermarket culture.

The last point is a perfect segue into my final observation. I'll take the blame for not realizing this earlier but I've always been so focused on a car's function and performance that I've written off many artistic and stylish based builds. I always noticed and respected them but I never looked at it like something I cared too much about. I can say I've started at least climbing over that fence this year. You can't ignore the level of modification currently happening on the "form" portion of the aftermarket. It's no longer modifying a car. It's creating a second voice to tell people what they should know about you. It's about expressing yourself. And that's what makes the aftermarket so special to me in the first place. IT'S PERSONAL and everybody should respect that concept, regardless of what their personal taste is.

We hope you enjoy some coverage of this year's SEMA Show. If you enjoy this, check out more of our coverage from this year's SEMA event in our blog!



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