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State of the Aftermarket: SEMA Show 2015

Posted by JP Alonso on Nov 5th 2015

Nothing is quite like SEMA. You can go to whatever show you want, any race you want, and nothing quite has the same effect as SEMA. All the big wigs spend the big bucks and make sure everyone that walks past their needle-in-a-haystack booth have something to look at and remember. There are peo …
A Look Inside GrimmSpeed

A Look Inside GrimmSpeed

Posted by JP Alonso on Sep 23rd 2015

I’ll start by saying Grimmspeed makes our jobs much easier here at 2009, we’ve been working hard to get high performance parts to people that can’t do without them. That’s what we do but how we do it is the best part. We truly care about the experience people have with …
PJ’s 2013 Ford Focus ST from Michigan

PJ’s 2013 Ford Focus ST from Michigan

Jun 23rd 2015

We love this stuff.  PJ’s project car is the exact reason why we’re in this business.  We think of our customers’ project cars like our own.  We absolutely love helping guys create what PJ has with his heavily modded 2013 Ford Focus ST.  Here’s a rundown of his setup.  If …