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Acuity Instruments ESCO-Insulated Shift Knob BLACK Honda MULTIPLE FITMENTS

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Experience the rebirth of ACUiTY's original ESCO shift knob design with the ESCO-Insulated, blending exquisite craftsmanship with modern CNC machining. Revered for its meticulously-crafted profile, the ESCO design is gaining popularity among drivers. Boasting a 40mm (1.57 in) diameter, barrel-shaped upper portion, gently domed top, tapered bottom, and 70mm (2.7 in) total height, the ESCO-Insulated sits comfortably in most drivers' hands. Its unique shape promotes a consistent hand position, aiding muscle memory for more consistent shifts.

Weighing in at 185 grams (6.5 oz), the ESCO-Insulated, with its stainless steel core, delivers a substantial shift feel without compromising feedback from the gearbox. The durable threads of the stainless steel core set it apart from all-plastic insulated designs. The engraved 6-Speed Honda/Acura gear pattern on the plastic shell is backfilled, ensuring deep and enduring lettering. The finished appearance, featuring the insulated shell and epoxy-filled lettering, is timeless and captivating. For an optimal shifting experience, pair the ESCO-Insulated knob with ACUiTY's other premium shifting upgrades for your car.

Each knob comes with a custom-made stainless steel flange nut for shift knob retention. If you are using the OEM shift boot collar or one of ACUiTY's 1924 shift boot collars, the flange nut is not necessary for installation. Additionally, a suede storage bag is included to protect your shift knob when not in use.

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