ACT XT Clutch Kit 6 Puck Sprung with Flywheel Subaru WRX 2006-2016

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ACT XT Clutch Kit 6 Puck Sprung with Flywheel Subaru WRX 2006-2019

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The ACT SB11-XTG6 clutch kit for the Subaru WRX 2006+, including the new 2015+ FA20DIT WRX, is a full replacement system for your WRX clutch setup. It includes the flywheel as well as all other components to make install a breeze. The kit features an xtreme duty pressure plate which grabs much harder than stock, holding much larger amounts of power and torque than stock. This pressure plate will require a good deal more pedal effort to disengage making it more suitable for higher performance applications ony. This kit also comes with a sprung 6 pad, segmented disc which grabs very quickly and aggressively both from a stop and in between shifts. Although it can be driven on the street, it is not recommended unless necessary for your power and performance levels. To finish off the full kit, the alignment tool and a new release bearing/throwout bearing are included in the Subaru WRX clutch kit.

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