ACT HD Clutch Kit 6 Puck Sprung w/ Streetlite Flywheel Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013 | Mazdaspeed 6 2006-2007

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ACT HD Clutch Kit 6 Puck Sprung w/ Streetlite Flywheel Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013 | Mazdaspeed 6 2006-2007

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Upgrading your Mazdaspeed 3 or 6 clutch is an important part of the modifying process. Although the stock clutch is actually pretty good in the Mazdaspeed MZR DISI, it's still a wear item that will eventually need to be replaced, especially if it's being subjected to more abuse from track use or just higher powered engines than stock. ACT's Heavy Duty 6 Puck Clutch kits feature a 6 pad, segmented design. This style is more performance oriented and should not be considered the most streetable clutch, although it still is streetable. It engages quickly due to the lighter rotating mass of the segmented design and less overall material to slip along the pressure plate and flywheel. It is has a more noticeable amount of vibration and harshness than the full face. Alhtough this clutch is dramatically different feeling than stock, it is almost a dramatic increase in performance. It also features a sprung center hub which reduces vibration over a solid hub. The Streetlite flywheel is the heavier flywheel option out of the 2 different types but is still much light than stock and allows for quicker revs and less parasitic drivetrain loss than a heavier flywheel. The heavy duty pressure plate provides much more grabbing power than stock and this is noticeable in the clutch pedal feel. It will feel a little stiffer and more difficult to press down. It's a small compromise for the increase in performance of the car.

ACT clutches for the Mazdaspeed come COMPLETE in every way. Every kit features everything you need to perform the install except for the flyhweel bolts which aren't common in any kit. These are available separately right here and you'll need 6 of them. ACT kits come with the following parts.

*Clutch Disc
*Pressure Plate
*Throwout/Release Bearing
*Pilot Bearing
*Alignment Tool

Torque Capacity: 530 ft/lbs

We recommend this kit for any Mazdaspeed 3 or 6 running a larger than stock turbo or for someone who only wants pure performance, regardless of turbo setup, but still wants to retain some driveability and comfort.

Mazdaspeed 3/Mazdaspeed 6
ACT Limited Warranty

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Great replacement

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 21st 2018

    First off thank you, Edge Autosport for making great products available at a decent price. Like the other review, shipping was fast. This clutch was installed on a 2010 Mazdaspeed 3. No chatter, but make sure you properly break-in the clutch or you will experience chatter. Highly recommend if you're replacing your stock.

  • 5
    Holds power down well

    Posted by Shahid on Apr 16th 2017

    Install was fairly quick from mazda, considering they had to drop the sub assembly. Only issue is that it makes a "zweeee" noise on deceleration, sounds like i have a dogbox. Kinda like that noise. Mazda says coZ of the change from dual mass to single mass flywheel. Clutch engaged is stil the same. No chatter, feels like my stock clutch. Launches strong and harder than stock. Not bad!!!

  • 4
    new clutch

    Posted by Unknown on May 5th 2014

    So far so good. Like the feel of this clutch on my speed6. Spendy install tho

  • 5
    thank you

    Posted by Andreas Stadler on Jul 21st 2012

    the shipping was fast and the feedback signal is very good!

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