Tax Return Sale 2020


There are no coupon codes or special instructions. All you need to do is shop around the site, add the items you want to your cart, and your discount will show up in the cart! Discounts range from 3-8% off depending on the brand. As much as we wish we could include every brand, unfortunately, we can't. But that's why we're DOUBLING the amount of rewards points you receive for every dollar you spend, no matter what brand. So when you come back to purchase again, you'll have double the store credit you normally would. For every $1 you spend, you get 1 point. For every 100 points, you earn $4 worth of store credit during the sale period. All rewards are automatically tracked, no need to start a separate account!

Sale ends April 15th! All purchases up through then will receive double rewards and there is no limit to what you can earn or spend at any given time. 

Financing offers are not affected by the sale! Please feel free to visit our financing page to find out more about financing your purchase with Bread.

Only our etuning services will be included in the sale! Our dyno tuning services will NOT be included in the sale.

Free shipping still applies to orders over $149 within the continental USA only.