StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads REAR Subaru WRX STI 2004-2014

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StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads are the ultimate brake pad upgrade that allows the user to experience comfortable daily driving without excessive dust and high performance braking ability when pushed hard. It seems some brakes are perfect for the street but don’t perform great on the track or vice versa. A pure track pad really isn’t designed for effective street use. The StopTech Street performance brake pad meets in the middle. It has great street characteristics that don’t make it annoying to use on the street when less noise, dust, and better cold bite are required. It also permits the driver to go to the track and push the limits without experience fade immediately. Although they aren’t a pure track brake pad, most people that drive on the street never need a pure track pad for a street car. This is a great pad for the true enthusiasts that know they’ll need braking power at any given time.

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