JBR Tru-3.0 Wide Path Full Silicone Intake System Mazdaspeed 6 2006-2007 / Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013

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JBR Tru-3.0 Wide Path Full Silicone Intake System Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013 / Mazdaspeed 6 2006-2007

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Details: The New JBR TRU-3.0 Wide Path Full Intake System is the only True 3” intake system that extends from the MAF housing all the way to the transition at the turbo; a first of its kind. Currently, all one piece metal intakes that are available from our competitors are 2.87” and all the other aluminum intakes that include a separate billet MAF housing start out at 3” but then quickly neck down to 2.87”. Our one piece design eliminates the need for unnecessary couplers and the joining of multiple sections that increase turbulence and friction which ultimately leads to reduced airflow. The thick, 5-ply, wire reinforced high temperature silicone construction is far superior at insulating the intake air from extreme engine temperatures. This translates in to lower boost air temperatures and more horsepower that no other aluminum intake can accomplish.

Every TRU-3.0 MAF housing has been machined from 6061-T6 to tolerances of +/-.001 and includes a factory style air straightener for the most accurate signal to the MAF sensor. The air straightener is integrated in to the wall of the housing eliminating any reduction in ID like those that use honeycomb straighteners. There’s also no way for the straighener to come loose and be sucked in to the turbo like those that use pressed in blades. Our MAF housings are the lightest in the industry weighing in at only 9.1oz. The lighter housing significantly reduces heat soak, sheds heat quicker which lowers intake temperatures creating more power. Each MAF housing is beautifully anodized for a smooth, long lasting finish resistant to corrosion, even when subjected to the harshest environmental conditions.

All Tru- 3.0 Wide Path Intakes include a 3.25” Dry-Flow air filter. JBR Dry Flow air filters flow 200% more air than the factory filter while providing superior engine protection. It uses both depth loading, capable of removing extremely fine particles (down to < 0.1 micron), and structural screen wire to enhance airflow capabilities. This design results in a performance air filter capable of increasing horsepower and torque! The three-dimensional synthetic filtering medium is washable and requires no oiling for years of trouble free service.

The Wide Path Full Intake system is designed to be run in recirc mode but includes a plug for easy conversion to non-recir mode.

Advanced Tuning IS Required

Includes: Tru-3.0" Silicone Intake System and Billet Aluminum (3.0” ID) MAF Housing
Stainless T-Bolt Clamps
Plug to run in non-recirc mode
3.25” Dry-Flow Filter (Washable No Oil)
Installation instructions are available in our support section
Shipping is free in the US & our Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty is included

Fitment: Simple bolt on application. Uses stock mounting location for OEM Turbo. May not use OEM mounting location with all GT Turbos. Fits with the OEM and all aftermarket top mount intercoolers. Fits with all front mount intercoolers that a conventional SRI will work with.

JBR Limited Warranty

2 Reviews

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    Nice upgrade but fitment could be better

    Posted by Ben on Jun 11th 2015

    This was a pain to install on my MS6. It's a really tight squeeze past the bracket that holds the shift cable and wire loom. Because of this I had a hard time securing it to the compressor inlet properly, but after installing and removing it a dozen times since buying it I've got the hang of it now. The shift cable bracket still rubs against the inlet pipe though. Luckily silicone has some flex to it. This might not be an issue on other cars, but it was on mine. Overall it's a decent upgrade. The size difference side-by-side with the stock TIP is massive. Logs after MAF calibration show it flows up to 10g/s more than my old Injen CAI with the stock TIP. It's a nice looking piece of kit and has a good induction sound for those people that care about that sort of thing. Another thing worth mentioning. If you think there's even a chance you might upgrade your turbo in the future, buy an aluminium intake instead so you can just swap the coupler. I'm upgrading my turbo and this intake is now useless to me as it won't fit.

  • 5
    difference maker

    Posted by juan on Dec 16th 2014

    I have a bnr stage3 turbo and the 2 inch intake I had on wasn't living up to the potential of the turbo. Installed this jbr 3 inch intake and makes a HUGE difference in airflow. You will definitely need a tune though!!! And you can actually here the turbo spool up!! love it!!!!!