JBR James Barone Racing Transmission Mount Mazdaspeed 3 MS3

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JBR Transmission Mount Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013

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The JBR Transmission Mount is the only Vertically Oriented mount on the market. This mount can and will handle all the abuse you plan to throw at it. From street to strip it’s the only true 1 piece transmission mount for the 07’ - 2012 MAZDASPEED 3.

We’ve replaced the weak cast aluminum transmission perch with .250” plate and a 2.00” solid steel perch; welded not bolted.

The business end of the mount is constructed of .188 steel, CNC press braked plate with chromoly sleeves; welded not bolted.

Custom, Proven Poly Urethane bushings in your choice of 70, 80, and 88 Durometers allow you to choose the amount of stiffness you want to run without sacrificing comfort.

Wheel Hop? What wheel hop? Torque Steer? Gone. When combined with the #1 selling rear motor mounts on the market and the only vertically oriented passenger mount available anywhere, the problems that have plagued the MAZDSPEED 3 are now a thing of the past.

WHY A JBR Motor Mount? Custom Durometer Urethane Bushings
Aesthetically pleasing
Reduced drive train slop
Better throttle response
Precise shifts
Improved 1/4 mile times
Bolt-on installation

Mazdaspeed 3
JBR Limited Warranty

11 Reviews

  • 5
    Loud and solid

    Posted by joaquin okazaki on Mar 15th 2020

    Everything vibrates but now I have no wheel hop

  • 5
    Hands down!

    Posted by Unknown on May 2nd 2019

    The installation is straight forward. instructions are very easy to follow. you can find it in JBR's website. installing for both sides took me 3 hours in total, just make sure not to forget putting threadlocker on all threads. i can feel most of the vibrations but i'm used to it since i have solid mounts on my other car. over all i love the product!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 9th 2018

    I purchased and installed the 88A durometer TMM for my 2011 Speed3. Instructions were super easy to follow and installation was also. I added threadlock to the bolts to make sure they stay in. My OEM mount was thrashed, and I could feel my takeoffs and shifts are soooo much better. You can feel the vibes more and yes you can hear gear whine, but I don’t mind them at all. I actually like it. I bought the car as a daily knowing what it is. That being said, I did also get the 80A passenger motor mount and solid rear motor mount. The car now feels so much better than before wth these on. Idk why people say the vibes and noise are borderline unbearable, but to each their own. They aren’t as bad as some of these guys say, but you won’t know how it’ll affect you or your ride until you install it yourself on your own car. Cheers

  • 5
    Better than OEM

    Posted by reece on Nov 6th 2016

    very nice quality, much stronger than stock , stops all engine movement in combination with other mounts. Yes there is NHV , deal with it. install can be tricky to line perch up , and getting mount over the studs. but once lined up fits perfectly.

  • 4

    Posted by Carlos on Sep 26th 2016

    You can definitely hear more noise at a stoplights or between 10-35 MPH. The sound seems to come from the transmission gears or throwout bearing. I have no doubt this mount will hold my transmission better than the stock mount. Once you get it up on the highway, the gear noise goes away. This sound must be normal for the car as it did not do it before the mount. The problem with this mount is that it amplifies the noise about 10 times. Nor for everyday driver. but I guess is great for racing etc. Did I mention I got the softer bushing? 70A. It is what it is, it does what is supposed to.

  • 5
    Good Vibes!

    Posted by CB on Apr 9th 2015

    Love this. Shifts are now much more crisp. NVH settled down after about 2 tanks of gas. Still have less than 1k on it. 88 duro.

  • 5
    easy install

    Posted by kc angel on May 27th 2014

    Minor vibes and chatter when clutch out. Easy install and most important of all Shifting is more fun now. Awesome stuff!

  • 3
    Very well made, but even the lowest duro vibrates a LOT

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 16th 2013

    Bought this as my stocker failed, with an upgraded RMM at the same time. I've had them installed for about six months. Went for the lowest duro because I didn't want the crazy vibrations. Very impressed with the quality of the part. Perfect fit too. But man... the vibrations are bad. Not at idle, but at anything above 3000rpm, or whenever decelerating while in gear. It's caused a lot of new rattles in my dash and center console. Strongly considering buying another stock mount... In the meantime, I can't say I noticed any improvement in shifting or shift feel, nor any improvement in traction. I've never had wheel hop issues, my tires just spin, and this didn't help that.

  • 5
    Get this.

    Posted by Jsn_rob on Oct 1st 2012

    I purchased this with the shift bushings. Install took me 2 hours. Did it by myself. Only difficulty I had was lining up the mount with the transmission perch. But that only held me up for about 10 minutes. Once the installs were complete I test drove the car. My problems were fixed. Car feels more solid. Sounds louder and pulls harder. Next I'll get the passenger mount and complete the set. Thank you James Barone Racing!

  • 4
    Trans mount

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 5th 2012

    Torque steer almost completely gone! Handles better than it ever has!! It's quite noisy that's the only downfall I have with it. Car feels like its actually able to get its power strait to the wheels now so I am very happy with the performance of this mount!!! Would def recommend but be prepared for the new noises :)

  • 5
    Great, even for DD.

    Posted by Robert Mundt on Feb 9th 2012

    I bought this with the passenger side mount. I already had a rear motor mount and decided it was time to do the rest. I ordered mine in 80A duro as I dd my car, and have yet to get it on the track (even though I would love to some time!) This makes the feel of the car much better with regards to putting power to the ground. The vibration is a little harsh, and you have to raise your voice slightly while in the cabin to chat, but it was worth every penny and I would buy them again.