HKS Hipermax Max IV SP Coilovers Subaru WRX | WRX STI 2015-2019 -

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HKS Hipermax Max IV SP Coilovers Subaru WRX | WRX STI 2015-2019

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The HKS Hipermax Coilovers are some of the best overall coilovers you can get from an off the shelf setup. They are perfectly designed and balanced to fit and perform on the WRX and STI and provide a much more stable and solid foundation to corner faster and harder on. Making the best use of the tire is taken much further with these Subaru coilovers. They are up to the task of taking high speed abuse and will react much faster and give much more confidence to the driver. Spring rates and dampening rates are much stiffer than stock but still capable of being driven on the street in relative comfort. The front of the car is able to be adjusted up to 3 inches lower and the rears are up to 3.2 inches. Dampening levels and height are adjustable using the provided adjustment tools.

Hipermax SP Features:

*Monotube Dampers
*Bust Boot
*PNE Coating - Provides a high resistance surface to keep shock bodies clean and resistant to corrosion and damage
*30 Levels of dampening adjustment
*Pillow Ball Upper Mount

Subaru WRX | WRX STI 2015-2017
Hardware Included:
30 Levels
Shock Style:
Height Adjustable:
HKS Limited Warranty