Hasport Full Engine Mount Kit 82A 6MT Honda Civic 1.5T ALL 2016-2020

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Hasport Full Engine Mount Kit 82A 6MT Honda Civic 1.5T ALL 2016-2021

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Hasport's full engine mount kit is a direct replacement for the 3 stock engine mounts in the 10th gen Honda Civic 1.5T models with the 6 speed manual. Stronger engine mounts will ultimately prevent engine movement inside the engine bay, allowing the chassis to be more predictable and stable during acceleration, deceleration, and direction changes. The car will be able to make better use of the tires and will also give the driver much better feedback with the stiffer, solid bushings. Hasport's Bulletproof Kevlar infused polyurethan bushings sit tightly inside of the comination of billet aluminum and heavy duty steel construction. This kit features the 82A durometer bushings which is the stiffer of the 2 options available. Both mounts are a massive improvement compared to the stock 10th gen Honda Civic engine mounts.

1.5T non Si/Si
Hasport Limited Warranty

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