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What is Tuning?

For many parts, and especially upgrades like big turbos, you need to re-calibrate the car's ECU to run properly. Edge Autosport's in-house pro tuner is Alan, an expert in drawing out the very best of your ride, and ensuring your build makes power safely.

Custom calibrations are superior to generic OTS (Off-The-Shelf) maps and can even improve a completely stock car.

You will need a COBB Accessport or Ktuner for most custom tunes.

Dyno Tuning

Calibrating your car for it's mods on our house dynometer. This controlled setting is ideal for tuning.

*Denver, CO Only*



We can tune your car remotely, from anywhere!

Get custom maps sent to you over email, while you take data logs from the streets of your city.

Explore the various platforms we can E-Tune:

To name a few... explore all e-tuning products here.

Local to Denver, and want to get on our dyno?

Reach out to our tuning deprtament to get on the schedule. We offer baseline pulls to measure power, remote tuning, and dyno tuning sessions. Each session is custom tailored to your goals, so the first step is to reach out:

Reach out to Tuning@edgeautosport.com with any questions, custom requests, or for scheduling