Driveshaft Shop Level 5.9 Axles Mazdaspeed 3 2007-2013

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We now have created a Pro race worthy system for the Mazdaspeed 3 that works with the standard spline size on the differential end, so it can be used with Quaife, Wavetrac and other aftermarket limited slip diffs and spools. We have incorporated the Level 5.9 ball & cage inners, made from high quality billet chromoly that can be found in all of our high HP FWD axles. This inner cv now has 6 contact points and is stronger than a Porsche 930 (108mm) CV. Along with the significantly larger 33 spline outer CV, also found in all of our highest HP axle kits (you must send in your OE hubs to be broached for this kit) and 300M bars makes it the strongest set of axles made for the Mazdaspeed. The Kit comes with both axles and machining your factory hubs to fit the 5.9 axles. This system is designed for 850WHP and tire size will not affect its strength. 

*Please Note, you must send in your factory hubs to be machined to fit these axles, call or email for a return authorization number before sending any parts in to us.

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